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Vegan Dinner Recipes

The best vegan dinner recipes

I love developing vegan dinner recipes that are packed full of flavor in every bite! When you make these meals, you won’t miss the meat, dairy or eggs. Each recipe is kept as simple as possible, using ingredients you most likely have in your kitchen already. There are options for weeknight dinners, exciting meals you can make on the weekend (how about making gnocchi from scratch?!), and ideas that are perfect for special occasions.

Quick and easy vegan meals

A lot of my recipes take under an hour to make, with many that require just 30 minutes! If you need quick and simple ideas, check out my collection of 30-minute vegan meals.

Not sure where to start to save time in the kitchen? I’d recommend trying my popular lentil bolognese, or sweet and sour chickpeas and green beans. You’re guaranteed to love them!

Plant based one pot meals

Looking for vegan one pot meals to save on time and washing up? I have plenty of those, too! One pot meals are perfect for weeknights and family-friendly, too. You have to try my simple one-pot chickpea pasta, mushroom risotto and and lentil soup. Be amazed by how fuss-free, yet delicious they are.

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