The best vegan potato recipes that anyone can enjoy! Potatoes are a versatile and delicious ingredient that is accessible, budget-friendly and a key part of vegan cooking. This collection of recipes features options for dinners, breakfasts, side dishes and snacks that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Vegan potato recipes

I think I eat potatoes in some form every single day. They’re a staple in vegan cooking, and are a great option for anyone when you don’t quite know what to cook. So, today I’m sharing a collection of my favorite vegan potato recipes for you to pick and choose from according to personal preference!

If you’re new to making plant based meals, these simple and easy recipes are perfect for adding to your weekly meal rotation for dinners and lunches. But there are also many options for snacks, appetizers and side dishes that will impress any potato lover. And that’s pretty much all of us!

What’s to love about potatoes?

Potatoes are an ingredient that you should always have in your kitchen. If you’re ever not sure what to cook, a potato-based dish may be a great option for you. Potatoes are:

  • Versatile! You can boil them, roast them, bake them in the oven, or even use the microwave if you’re short on time. Then, use them as you wish to make a whole variety of creative plant based recipes.
  • Delicious. This goes without saying. In any form, potatoes are guaranteed to taste good without the need to add a lot of extra ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen.
  • Accessible. You can go to any supermarket, and find a wide variety of potatoes available throughout the entire year.
  • Budget-friendly. You can get potatoes at a very cheap price pretty much everywhere, especially if you buy them in bulk.
  • Long-lasting. Potatoes can be kept in a cool, dark storage cupboard for a long time without going off, and they can also be frozen very easily.
Vegan Korean braised potatoes

Are potatoes vegan?

Absolutely! Hence they’re a key ingredient in so many vegan recipes. Whether vegan or not, anyone that makes plant-forward meals also loves potatoes. But, not all potato recipes are vegan. A lot of them use dairy, eggs and other animal products, but the great news is that all of these can be easily veganised using just a few tweaks.

The best vegan potato recipes

Here’s my collection of the best vegan potato recipes. You’ll find options for main courses that are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also options for sides and snacks. If you have a special occasion coming up, I suggest you get one of them on the menu, and you won’t have to worry about picky eaters or skeptics as potatoes really are loved by everyone.

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    Breakfast potato recipes

    Potatoes are great for making sweet and savory vegan breakfasts alike! If you want a cozy start to the morning or want to cook up an impressive weekend brunch, give one of these recipes a go.

    Vegan Skillet potatoes

    These easy skillet breakfast potatoes are crispy, buttery and the perfect comfort food to serve for breakfast or brunch! Served with grated cheese and fresh herbs, this recipe is guaranteed deliciousness.
    Check out this recipe
    Vegan skillet potatoes

    Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Do you love pancakes? If so, give these ones a go! They feature mashed sweet potato, which achieves a subtle sweet flavor and a perfect level of fluffiness. Serve with maple syrup and peanut butter for extra deliciousness.
    Check out this recipe
    Pancakes on a white plate with peanut butter

    Sweet Potato Skillet With Sweetcorn

    This sweet potato skillet with sweetcorn and peas is perfect for a savory breakfast or brunch. Crunchy on the outside and with an amazing distinctive flavor, it’s a 20-minute vegan meal that’s guaranteed to impress.
    Check out this recipe
    Sweet potato skillet with sweetcorn

    Vegan potato waffles

    A potato-based breakfast or brunch just doesn’t get much better than potato waffles. They’re crispy on the outside, with a soft and chewy texture on the inside, featuring fresh dill and just a handful of simple ingredients. A must-try for anyone who loves vegan potato recipes!
    Check out this recipe
    Pile of waffles with dill on a white plate and chopping board

    Dinner and lunch potato recipes

    These are so many main course options you can make with potatoes! From pasta dishes to curries, dumplings and gnocchi, there is something for every preference.

    Vegan Sweet Potato Pasta

    Looking for a new creative way to use sweet potatoes? This sweet potato pasta is the perfect recipe for you! You need just simple ingredients and the result is comfort food perfection.
    Check out this recipe
    Vegan sweet potato pasta

    Easy Vegan Potato Curry

    This potato curry is one of my favorite weeknight dinners! It’s ready in 30 minutes and features a lot of vegetables as well as simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. Amazing served over rice!
    Check out this recipe
    Easy vegan potato curry


    For any dumpling fans out there, this Khinkali recipe is a must-try. These Georgian soup dumplings feature a mushroom and potato filling, with the perfect chewy texture.
    Check out this recipe
    Khinkali with mushrooms and potatoes

    Sweet Potato Noodles

    If you’ve never tried turning sweet potato into noodles before, you’re definitely missing out! These sweet potato noodles feature a ‘cheesy’ sauce and black beans for a meal that’s hearty and a creative way to eat more vegetables, without missing out on flavor.
    Check out this recipe
    Cheesy sweet potato noodles

    Vegan Gnocchi

    Pillowy and soft, gnocchi make the perfect comforting dinner. They’re super fun to make as a weekend project served with a sauce of your choice, or simply drizzled with olive oil. No fancy ingredients required!
    Check out this recipe
    Homemade vegan gnocchi

    Sheet Pan Potatoes And Tofu

    Sheet pan meals simplify dinners and lunches alike by saving time and washing up. This one features potatoes, tofu and vegetables, and is a reader favorite!
    Check out this recipe
    Potatoes tofu and mushrooms on a baking tray

    Vegan Sweet Potato Gnocchi

    For a fun variation on traditional gnocchi, try making them out of sweet potatoes. The flavor is earthy and distinctive, and the texture has just the right amount of softness and chewiness. They can also be pan-fried to make them crispy.
    Check out this recipe
    Closeup of sweet potato gnocchi with vegan sour cream and cilantro

    Vegan Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Tahini Chickpeas

    These stuffed potatoes, featuring a chickpea filling, are ideal for meal prep or a quick lunch on the go! You can use any potato variety and also switch up the sauce to customise this plant based meal to your preference.
    Check out this recipe
    Jacket potatoes with chickpeas and avocado sauce

    Vegan Lentil Moussaka

    Hearty and savory, this moussaka with lentils, potatoes and eggplant also features a homemade dairy-free Bechamel sauce. I’m sure you’ll love it as must as I do!
    Check out this recipe
    Plate with lentil Moussaka

    Spicy Kidney Bean Baked Potatoes

    These baked potatoes with a kidney bean filling are exceptional in flavor, but super simple. If you’re looking for a new and creative way to make jacket potatoes, this is the perfect recipe for you.
    Check out this recipe
    Baked potato with a bean filling and mashed avocado on top

    Potato soup recipes

    You just can’t go wrong with a vegan potato soup! There are so many different options in which potatoes are the star ingredient. A lot are meal prep and freezer-friendly, too.

    Vegan Corn Chowder

    This vegan corn chowder is creamy and smooth, featuring potatoes for an extra dose of comfort. You won’t believe it’s completely dairy-free!
    Check out this recipe
    Easy vegan corn chowder

    Vegan Sweet Potato Soup

    Sweet potato soup is one of those classic meals that never gets boring! Serve it with a slice of bread of your choice to warm up during the colder seasons. And it’s practically effortless, even as a complete beginner in the kitchen!
    Check out this recipe
    Vegan Sweet Potato Soup (Gluten-free)

    Easy Thai Red Curry Potato Lentil Soup

    This Thai red curry potato soup with lentils by Anthea from Rainbow Nourishments is a comfort food dream! Make it for a cozy dinner that’s packed full of vegetables.
    Check out this recipe
    Thai red curry potato lentil soup

    Vegan potato side dishes

    Not sure what to make for a side dish that will impress vegans and meat eaters alike? Opt for a side dish containing potatoes! They’re easy to make, and can take any meal to the next level.

    Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

    For a fail-proof side dish, try scalloped potatoes! No one will be able to tell that these are entirely dairy-free. Serve them on any special occasion and all potato lovers will be impressed.
    Check out this recipe
    Dairy-free scalloped potatoes in a baking dish

    Vegan Potato Salad

    Who doesn’t love a potato salad?! This versatile and flavorful side dish is great for any time of year. It features a creamy dressing, lots of veggies, and requires minimal time and preparation. Give it a go, and everyone will love this easy, yet impressive potato recipe.
    Check out this recipe
    Best vegan potato salad recipe

    Crispy Vegan Roast Potatoes

    No matter the occasion or time of year, you can never go wrong with roast potatoes. They’re crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and with a delicious savory flavor. Pair them with any main course to take the whole meal to the next level.
    Check out this recipe
    Crispy vegan roast potatoes

    Vegan Smashed Potatoes With Avocado Sauce

    These vegan smashed potatoes are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, fragrant and savoury. Serve them with the tangy and refreshing avocado sauce for a starter or main course that vegans and non-vegans alike will love.
    Check out this recipe
    Closeup of smashed potatoes with avocado sauce

    Zucchini Sweet Potato Salad

    This salad with zucchini and sweet potatoes is herby and refreshing, featuring a lot of flavorful vegetables and a simple dressing. Serve it as a side dish with any dinner of your choice to add freshness and deliciousness!
    Check out this recipe
    Bowl of salad with raw vegetables and avocado

    Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes

    My fail-proof vegan mashed potato recipe! You won’t miss the dairy with this comforting recipe that’s a perfect side for weeknight meals and special occasions alike. They go really well with a vegan roast!
    Check out this recipe
    Creamy vegan mashed potatoes

    Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

    This vegan sweet potato casserole by Rachel from Bakerita is the perfect side dish for any occasion! The pecans add a wonderful and creative finishing touch.
    Check out this recipe
    Vegan sweet potato casserole

    Zucchini And Potato Casserole

    Easily made with zucchini and potatoes, this casserole by Toni from Plant Based On A Budget is guaranteed to impress! It’s packed full of flavor and pairs well with any main course.
    Check out this recipe
    Zucchini and potato casserole

    Potato snack recipes

    Potatoes make not only excellent side dishes, but also a hearty snack in any shape! Whether as fries or croquettes, you can tailor them to your preference and make these fun recipes from scratch in no time.

    Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges

    Sweet potatoes are known for their distinctive and wonderful flavor. And there’s no better way to eat them than in the form of wedges with a dip or sauce of your choice! They go perfectly with any main course, too.v
    Check out this recipe
    Baking tray with homemade sweet potato wedges

    Crispy Vegan Lemon Potatoes

    These baked lemon potatoes are fantastic for a snack or side dish alike. Pair them with any sauce or dip, or just enjoy as they are for simplicity at its best.
    Check out this recipe
    Crispy vegan lemon potatoes

    Twice Baked Hummus Potatoes With Rosemary

    Featuring simple ingredients, these twice-baked potatoes with hummus by Alisa from Go Dairy Free make a perfect simple snack or appetizer that’s easy to make.
    Check out this recipe
    Twice baked hummus potatoes with rosemary

    Vegan croquettes

    These potato croquettes are crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with an amazing garlicky and savory flavor. Enjoy on their own or with a sauce of your choice for a fantastic snack!
    Check out this recipe
    Vegan croquettes with mayonnaise

    More vegan resources and guides

    Let me know – which one of these potato recipes is your favorite? If you give any of them a try, be sure to let me know – I love to hear from you!