I don’t know about you, but I am a tiny bit (read: very) obsessed with cheesecake. I’m also fascinated by anything that has a particular ingredient in the title but tastes nothing like that ingredient (carrot cake is another example). This recipe is super easy, and this is coming from a girl who mostly invests her culinary skills into savoury dishes and bakes maybe once a month – although, I’m definitely trying to do it more because baking is always super fun. The ingredient list is relatively short and uncomplicated, so this is perfect if you need an emergency gift to bring to a social event and don’t have time to search around for obscure-sounding super foods. I personally had a slice as a bit of pre-workout fuel because as usual I was craving something sweet after dinner and was a perfect solution.

Vegan Cheesecake and Salad

If you end up trying this recipe, do let me know in the comments: I’m always looking for feedback as I’m still a bit of a newbie in the whole recipe-creation scene. Lots of love and enjoy your cheesecake deliciousness!

Vegan cheesecake process


Vegan cheesecake process

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